Tour Sichuan  

​customized into 3-5 days

Sichuan, also called as Chuan or Shu, is the 5th biggest city of China with an area of 485 thousand square kilometers, and ranks the 3rd in population. The city is rich in resources, talents, sceneries, food, and has long been endowed as the “Land of Abundance”. Thousands years of heritage also laid solid historical and cultural foundation for it. 


  • Sichuan namecard – panda base: closely study the lovely creature in this national 4A tourist scenic spot on Bifengxia.

  • Exclusive arrangement of tea picking – Mt. Mengding: visit tea gardens, DIY teas, discover the traditional tea culture in this area with a private tour through tea gardens in fresh air on the world famous tea mountain.

  • World natural and cultural heritage – Leshan Giant Buddha: visit the biggest stone Buddha statue in the world.

  • Buddhism culture exploration – Mt. Emei: a holy place famous for both Buddhism and Taoism. 

  • Silhouette of old Chengdu - Wide and Narrow Alley: feel the most typical Chengdu life. 

  • Experience of hand shadow – Sichuan opera: a pure and mysterious art, understand the charm of Sichuan opera.

  • Learn Sichuan cuisine: the only museum with the theme of cuisine and food culture in the world, professional English-speaking teacher will give you a step-by-step lecture on how to make delicious Sichuan dishes.


Day 1 Airport to Hotel                                                                                                       Hotel: Chengdu Tianfu Sunshine Hotel or same level

Welcome to Sichuan. Our tour guide will meet you in Shuangliu International Airport, and coach you to our carefully selected hotel. After lunch, the first-day trip in Sichuan will begin from People’s Park and Wide and Narrow Alley in downtown Chengdu.
People’s Park: People’s Park is connected with commercial center of Chengdu, and Tianfu Square (standing statue of Chairman Mao). It is one of the most popular parks in the city, where you can have a cup of tea, row on a lake, dance, watch people dance, play chess or work out. It reflects the relaxed and vital daily life of this city, which is loved by people all around, making Chengdu “a city you would never want to leave once you come.”
Wide and Narrow Alley: after visiting People’s Park, you will then transfer to Wide and Narrow Alley and continue the relaxed afternoon. Wide and Narrow Alley is a microcosm of the city’s history as well as a deep mark in local people’s memory. Nowadays, Wide and Narrow Alley is also a popular entertainment and nightlife block, reflecting the most typical Chengdu life and the non-stop relaxation.

Sichuan Opera show (Optional): RMB320

Lunch: Chinese dishes;                      Dinner: Chengdu flavor

Day 2 Chengdu/Mt. Mengding/Mt. Emei                                                                              Hotel: International Huasheng Hotel or same level

Tea picking on Mt. Mengding: In the morning after breakfast, our vehicle will take on Chengya Expressway and drive directly to Mt. Mending, a holy mountain for tea culture, where you will visit the famous tea gardens, tea culture museum, and the biggest tea pot. You will also learn tea picking and brewing, and take the DIY tea away with you.
Bifengxia Panda Base: After lunch on Mt. Mengding, you will transfer to Bifengxia Panda Base, a comprehensive conservation project combining tourism, research and giant panda breeding in one place. It’s the biggest Cage-free panda ecological garden. You can have a close look at this lovely creature in the National 4A Scenic Spot. Later, you will go on travel to one of the four Buddhism mountains in China, Mt. Emei, and check in at a 5 star hotel at the foot of the mountain. 

Breakfast: buffet in hotel                      Lunch: tourist center on Mt. Mengding                          Dinner: Mt. Emei flavor

Day3 Mt. Emei                                                                                                                       Hotel: International Huasheng Hotel or same level

Mt. Emei: In the morning, after about 1 hour refreshing Taiqi, you will begin the visit to one of the four Buddhism mountain of China, Mt. Emei. Mt. Emei is located in Leshan City, Sichuan Province. It is towering, beautiful, old and mysterious. It is like a huge green screen standing in the southwest of the Chengdu Plain. Looking at its winding and beautiful figure, you will find that it resembles very much an eyebrow of a girl. It is the highest one among all the famous sight-seeing mountains in China. On the mountain there are four scenic regions: Baoguo Temple, Wannian Temple, Qingyin Pavilion and Golden Summit. Its main peak, the Golden Summit, is 3079.3 meters (10,103 feet) above the sea level, seemingly reaching the sky. Standing on the top of it, you can enjoy the snowy mountains in the west and the vast plain in the east. In addition in Golden Summit there are four spectacles: clouds sea, sunrise, Buddha rays and saint lamps. In 1996 Mt. Emei was enlisted in the world natural and cultural heritage by the UNESCO.

Breakfast: buffet in hotel                      Lunch: Chinese dishes                                                    Dinner: Chinese dishes

Day4 Mt. Emei/Leshan/Chengdu                                                                                      Hotel: Chengdu Tianfu Sunshine Hotel or same level

Huanglongxi Ancient Town: Huanglongxi Ancient Town has a history of more than 1,700 years. The town features ancient streets, trees, temples, ferry terminals, houses along its curving alleys, and simple and unsophisticated folk customs that have been passed on for generation, making it a famous natural photographic film base too.
Giant Buddha tour on ship: After lunch, the trip will go on to Leshan, where you will board on a ship to have a close look at the Giant Buddha, the tallest stone Buddha statue in the world carved out of a cliff face by an 8th-century monk in southern Sichuan province. The Giant Buddha overlooks the confluence of the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi rivers and faces the sacred Mount Emei. Later in the afternoon, you will come back to Chengdu.

Breakfast: buffet in hotel                       Lunch: Chinese dishes                                                     Dinner: Sichuan hotpot

Day 5 Depart from Chengdu 
Our tour guide will meet you in the hotel lobby and coach you to Shuangliu International Airport for your next destination. We hope that you enjoyed this trip, and we would be more than happy to welcome for your next trip.

Breakfast: buffet in hotel