The Three Kingdoms (AD 220–280), one of the most famous in Chinese history, a tripartite between the states of Wei, Shu, and Wu, is an extraordinary battle history lasting one hundred years, which fills Huaxia (Chinese) offspring with proud. In this period a lot of people with wisdom and hero emerged. Although relatively short, this historical period has been greatly romanticized in the cultures of China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. It has been celebrated and popularized in operas, folk stories, novels and in more recent times, films, television, and video games. As the political, military and cultural center of ancient Shu country in the era of Three Kingdoms, Sichuan has abundant Shuhan Dynasty ruins existing widely in the province, so the famous ruins of Northwest and North Sichuan compose a unique and rare golden traveling route for three kingdoms culture. 


​Three Kingdom Culture Travel 5 days

Day 1 Airport to Hotel                                                                                                          Hotel: Chengdu Tianfu Sunshine Hotel or same level

Our guide will meet you at the airport or station, and leave directly for the hotel. After lunch, you will head to Wuhou Temple and Jinli Ancient Street.

Wuhou Temple is located in downtown Chengdu, It is the only temple with the Emperor’s tomb and his officials’ tomb integrated together, which tells one of the most well-known history of China. Jinli Ancient Street, as part of Wuhou Temple Museum, is particularly representative of Chengdu, and reflects the essence of life in Chengdu: tea houses, inns, restaurants, bars, drama stages, local snacks, artware, local specialties, showing to the world the special charm of the culture of Three Kingdom, as well as the folkway of Sichuan people. 

Sichuan Opera show (Optional): RMB320

Lunch: on your own                                Dinner: on your own


Day 2 Chengdu/Mianyang                                                                                    Hotel: Mianyang Changhong International Hotel or same level

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is inarguably one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of southern China. It serves as the world’s largest and most successful giant panda breeding center. More than a center for just giant pandas, the base also has facilities for red pandas, golden monkeys, South China tigers and other regional endangered species from around Sichuan province. It is a facility where the dedication to preserving the delicate biodiversity of Sichuan province is inspiringly alive and well.

In the afternoon, our guide will take you to Sanxingdui, a cultural relic of ancient Shu (Sichuan). It is an important archeological discovery which changed the people's understanding of ancient history and culture. If you want to visit a place to know more about Chinese Shu (Sichuan) culture, this is the place, for the civilization shown by the cultural relics can be called a true wonder.

Later you will go to Pangtong Tomb in Deyang, the very place in memory of Pangtong (a general of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms era of China). The tomb was built in the 19th year of Jian’an reign (214AD) and underwent repeated destruction during the warring years over the dynasties. The present tome was rebuilt in the Kang Xi and Qian Long reigns of the Qing Dynasty on the basis of the remains damaged at the end of Ming Dynasty. 

Breakfast: buffet in hotel                          Lunch: on your own                            Dinner: on your own


Day3 Mianyang/Guangyuan                                                                                                           Hotel: Guangyuan Kaiyue Hotel or same level

Tour continues along Chengmian Expressway today, and you will set off to Cuiyunlang Corridor and Jianmen Pass in about two hour’s driving, and you will have an intuitive feeling of the change from plain to mountainous area.

Jianmen Pass is called the No.1 Impregnable Pass in the world for its magnificence and danger, praised as the National Forest Park for its quietness and beauty and honored as National Natural & Cultural Heritage for its historic site. Except for these titles, Jianmen Pass is also listed in 5A Level Scenic Spots. Visitors from different countries and nations come to Jianmen Pass to explore its beautiful scenery and Three Kingdom culture as well as seek for excitement and adventure..

After lunch, you will head for Zhaohua Ancient Town, a small, quiet and well reserved old town with over 2000 years history. Many memorial archways, old tower houses can be visited here. 

Breakfast: buffet in hotel                            Lunch: on your own                            Dinner: on your own


Day 4 Guangyuan/Zhaohua/Chengdu                                                                                 Hotel: Chengdu Tianfu Sunshine Hotel or same level

Your tour of Three Kingdoms continues today. After about 2h driving, you will arrive in Langzhong. Langzhong had appeared in about 2300 years in history, and is now surrounded by mountains and rivers, thus won itself the fame of Fairy Land of Langwan. In the afternoon, you will return to Chengdu. It is a long road about 320kms, but the convenient expressway shortens the driving as only 3 hours, and the small hills en route will show you beautiful view of North-east Sichuan. Arrive in Chengdu in the late afternoon, and let’s have a relaxing afternoon visiting downtown Chengdu.


Breakfast: buffet in hotel                              Lunch: on your own                            Dinner: on your own


Day 5 Depart from Chengdu

Our tour guide will meet you in the hotel lobby and accompany you to Shuangliu International Airport for your next destination. We hope that you enjoyed this trip, and we would be more than happy to welcome for your next trip.

Breakfast: buffet in hotel